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Consultancy Services of the modern era.

Investor Pitch Deck

Consultation, Creation, Review, Guidance.

You have a running business or just an idea, stuck at how to begin your investor pitch deck? 

How do you raise your friends & family round? What does an investor look for?

Get answers to all your queries, whether you want us to create a beautiful deck for you or just review your existing deck for any suggestions, not even sure about the basic numbers of your business or industry. Don't worry! We are here to help. Fill up the "Send Enquiry" form at the bottom of this page.

Linkedin Blogs, Website Articles

We can be your pen pals ;) 

Wanna keep up with the latest trends? Or Sound knowledgable as a company? 

Are you interested in providing genuine insights to your community and fans?

Our writers are master thinkers, researchers and creative ninjas that can draft some insightful articles for your company pages, Linkedin profiles and websites.

Outsource your knowledge sharing and we love to be anonymous. So don't worry we are better in our bat caves. Shhh!

Resume Writing & Review

HR will say- 'You are the chosen one!'

How do you stand out in your job application? How do you ditch that AI into believing you are the one? You have achieved some things yet not able to put them in the right light?

We as a team have reviewed more than 20K resumes & Linkedin Profiles to date. 

Trust us, when we say, this is our gig pal!

We can write you up a dashing resume, help you modify your current one or review your existing professional CV. Hit us up on the query form at the bottom to understand how we do what we do.

Linkedin Profile

Business or Personal : Create/ Update/ Review

We have been mastering Linkedin before it became your day to day thing, as some people call it the bitchy Facebook yet professional. ahem ahem. 

Petty jokes aside, we know how to put you in the spotlight, not just for career growth but place you well in the eyes of your next potential employer, suit you up to the experience you actually hold, do the cleanup & suit up of your professional profile in a way that your work stands out from the crowd.

We have worked on 3800+ individual & company profile pages and counting. Let's get you Linkedin ready!

Business, Growth, Process, Strategic Consultancy!

Let's talk real business for a moment, shall we?

You run your business, operations go as usual. Things and people tend to settle in a mundane routine, processes are set with care and then never changed for the sake of it. That's not good. Period.

You need to sit with trained professionals and experienced folks like us, to understand what is really happening. Where are you headed? 

We help you set up new departments, new processes, revamp your existing SOPs with a modern touch. Even as simple as a DMS or Technology tool identification based on your use case. We will walk every step of this journey with you. Let us be the school course that you never had.

Still not sure?

Well don't worry, we are here to understand your requirement. 

Fill up the enquiry form below and if you would like to speak one-on-one before sending your requirement, 

mention in the comment of the form 'Need a call to explain what I need' and let's do that!