Coaching Services

Growth Coaching

Personal/ Business Coaching.

We will help you set goals, support you in your business and personal goals. Have 12 sessions (one group session a month of one hour only) to try and bring value to you about the resources available for getting things done. Show you tools and how you can leverage them. 

Let's grow together. 💪🏻💪🏻

Registration is 1200/- for one year, all-inclusive.

Personal Growth

We help you learn about your personal finances, daily routine, discipline, career growth, industry & career options, help you achieve your personal goals that you have set for yourselves.

If needed, we help you connect with the right domain experts to guide you on your journey of taking control back of your life.

Consider us your spirit guides who remind you to do better, to be better and to become improved versions of your selves.

Business Growth

Starting a business can be overwhelming, after starting maintaining and sustaining could be tiring or mundane.

We help you unlock potentials of managing financials, growth and scaling prospects, help you identify your objective from your business.

You might be good in a couple of business functions like sales, product, communication etc. there might be a few other areas where a little helping hand could be of use. 

What you pay?

INR 1200/- Per Year 

Less than what you would spent on a one day cab/meal.

What you get?

Once a month, for 12 months, dedicated group session for one hour to help you improve.

Achieve your goals, track your progress, increase your network & net-worth. No hidden charges, end-to-end service in one time fees of 1200/- Per Year only!

Still not sure? Talk to us to learn more about our business growth/ personal improvement sessions.

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